Our Story

We stand behind our reputation and will continue to serve our community with the values instilled by our funeral directors

Thank you for your interest in Zygmunt-Murtie Funeral and Cremation Service. Exploring and discussing the various options available is a wise decision. Our company is located here in the beautiful Hudson Valley- locally owned, and dedicated to providing quality funeral and cremation services that blend simplicity and economy without sacrificing dignity. Zygmunt-Murtie Funeral and Cremation Service offers all services associated with funerals and cremation including: pre-arrangements, transportation of the deceased, arrangements, visitations, funerals, cremation, death certificates, caskets, vaults, urns, obituaries, memorial services, catered receptions and 24-hour availability.

We here at Zygmunt-Murtie Funeral and Cremation Service believe that the most important step is to make your wishes known. We have designed a variety of ways to do just that. Pre-planning for a funeral is not morbid; it just makes good sense. Advanced planning allows you to spare your family from making countless emotional and financial decisions at a time when logical choices are seldom considered. Most importantly…your wishes may be carried out…..down to the smallest detail. Please call at your earliest convenience should you have questions or wish to discuss our various options. We will be available when you need us the most….